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Blancoletters in the exhibition
“50 years, 50 designers” standard

The exhibition "50 years, 50 designers" commemorates half a century of the Faculty of Fine Arts. It showcases a selection of 50 works made by professional designers who studied in that faculty. The inauguration, held on 25 March, was a nice meeting between former students and lecturers of the faculty. The press conference highlighted the high level of graphic design in the Basque Country and the unquestionable social role of design in improving our lives and our environment. Entre esos trabajos seleccionados se encuentra la familia tipográfica Harri, en sus versiones Display y Text. Es uno de los tres proyectos tipográficos presentes en la exposición, y el único que muestra  un proyecto en torno a la tipografía vasca. Ha sido ...

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Akaya multiscript in Google Fonts standard

Akaya is now part of Google Fonts catalog. It has been a long way since we started the project in 2015, but it is now available under the Open Font License. In its website you (https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Akaya) you will be able to type your own text in different sizes and check how it looks in Akaya as well as to try combinations and pairings with other fonts in the same catalogue. ...

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Harri in Adobe Fonts library standard

March 2020 was a hard time for anyone living in Europe due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We had a big thing to worry about and that is probably why I forgot to mention a tiny good news that also happened in March: Harri, the first commercial typeface by Blancoletters made it into the Adobe Fonts Collection thanks to Typo-Ø-Tones. In the Adobe Blog you can read a short note about Harri by Yves ...

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Weekly program on Typography
in the public Basque Radio (Eitb) standard

(Basque version) (Spanish version) As a follow up of the interview held in September 2018, I have been invited to collaborate weekly in the public Basque radio to talk about typography in the afternoon show “Baipasa”. It is both an honour and a challenge to have the opportunity to talk about my passion and to spread the interest and knowlegde about type in my community. Every Thursday around 5:15 – 5:30 PM we will discuss differents aspects of typography. We started on March 12th with a talk about Times New Roman. Three more programs have been broadcasted since then in which we discovered uses, details and anecdotes around well known typefaces: Comic Sans, Helvetica and Trajan. If you are interested and ...

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Interview in the Basque Radio standard

Sarean #37. Calligraphy, Typography and New Technologies were the three main subjects addressed in the interview.   Few days ago I was interviewed in Sarean, a radio programme of the Basque Radio in collaboration with Sarean.eus association. We talked mainly about Calligraphy and Typography. We also discussed how new technologies make the production of comercial fonts easier, cheaper and faster. We went through the whole type design process, from the first sketches to the tools used for the final production of digital typefaces. Glad to see Typography is gaining presence in my near environment. If you are curious and want to know how "type talk" sounds in Basque, clic on the image or follow ...

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Talk about Tifinagh at the 2nd Conference
in Graphic Design (Bilbao) standard

Talking about Tifinagh and multi-script typefaces as a way to normalise cultural diversity in multi lingual environments. Image: E. Herrera. From 27 to 29 June 2018 the Second Conference in Graphic Design, organised by the Graphic Design Department of the University of the Basque Country took place in Bilbao. The theme of this edition was "Design and sustainable society" and I was given the opportunity to talk about Tifinagh. Various aspects concerning the link between Graphic Design and sustainability were discussed: gender, accessibility, environment, identity, activism... It was the ideal context to talk about how Type Design may help normalising the presence of minority languages and scripts in multicultural areas, in this particular case giving voice to the Tifinagh script in a context in ...

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