Amaikha Tifinagh

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Amaikha Tifinagh Regular

Amaikha Tifinagh Regular is the first release of the Amaikha font family and you can download it for FREE! It is meant to offer a high quality choice for editorial and web purposes targeted at Tamazight readers, a context in which the scarcity of quality text fonts for Tifinagh is remarkable. Amaikha Tifinagh is part of the wider Amaikha Multiscript project (in progress) started during the MA in Typeface Design in Reading. It will comprise Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic and Tifinagh writing systems. The Tifinagh script was also the subject of my dissertation. The research done concerning the script itself and the Amazigh culture, as well as all the visual material found was an excellent foundation that became essential to asses the accuracy and consistency of the letter forms.

Amaikha Tifinagh Regular can be freely downloaded (although a donation would be most welcome if you can afford it :-). Amaikha Tifinagh family will be soon completed with 6 new weights, from black to extra-light versions, becoming the first Tifinagh typeface with such a wide range of variants, so stay tuned!

Tifinagh rock inscription

Tifinagh inscription in Essouk (Mali). Source: wikicommons. Author: Taguelmoust.

Amaikha Tifinagh specimen

Amaikha Tifinagh family

Amaikha Tifinagh Regular headline sample

Amaikha Tifinagh Regular | 145 glyphs in character set

Amaikha Tifinagh Regular text sample

Amaikha Tifinagh Regular | 24pt | 18pt | 14pt

Amaikha Tifinagh Regular headlines next sample

Amaikha Tifinagh will be completed with 6 more weights. Stay tuned!

Amaikha Tifinagh character set

Amaikha Tifinagh Regular character set

Amaikha Tifinagh in use

Amaikha Tifinagh fontused in a poster supporting the popular movement in the Rif area

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