Logo Zumartian


Zumartian. Branding project for Zumaia retailers association.


Retailers from Zumaia decided to create an association in 2009 but they did not even have a name. After a few meetings we agreed one: Zumartian. “Zuma” comes from Zumaia, our town; and “-artian” has two interesting meanings in Basque language: 1) “artia” is a kind of tree (holm oak), a very common species in dry regions which, surprisingly, grows widely in our rainy estuary. 2) “artian” means also “among” and gives the idea of people doing something together. As the range of retailers was fairly heterogeneous, we focused in the second meaning, putting aside vegetal related motifs or colors and creating an abstract image which would show the idea of “together”. Then, we combined text and image in a way that may suggest a tree.


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