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Txindurri Iturri. Rural tourism hotel and cider house.


There are plenty of traditional cider-bars in Gipuzkoa (Basque Country). Most of them include one or several drawings of apples on their logos or bottle labels, so it seemed that apples were not going to give us a good chance to stand out. However, it was highly unlikely that any of them had four “R” in its name… Cider houses are deeply rooted in Basque culture, and this was what we decided to focus on. We suggested that in two ways:

1. Typography. Everywhere in the Basque Country, a sort of rustic overweighted angled typeface is used to reflect the idea of “Basque”. The “R” of this alphabet is one of its most peculiars characters.

2. Originally carved on stone or wood, some ancient solar symbols have became icons of Basque identity. One of them is the “lauburu”, a sort of rotational symbol. In this design, the “lauburu” is noticeable on both its shape (the rounded legs of R letters) and its counter-shape.


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