Ttakunpa band

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Ttakunpa. Basque-african percussion band.


The word “ttakunpa” comes from “ttakun”, an onomatopoeic Basque word to express the double hit played in a “txalaparta”, a percussion instrument made of several long wooden boards held up horizontally on two ends and then beaten vertically with thick drum sticks called “makilak”.

There are no scores for “txalaparta” because it is normally improvised, but when players (always two) need to put a certain rhythmic pattern in writing, they draw series of “makilak” one after the other. The distance between them gives the idea of the tempo.

These wood-like, organic, dancing sticks define the main strokes of the logo’s letters, which are then completed in order to produce a legible word. We also used the double “t” to reflect the structure of a “txalaparta”.


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