Other identity projects

A selection of identity projects developed from 1995 to 2019.

Other logos 1

1. Urbar Engineers. Vibrating engineering (feeders, elevators, drain racks…).

2. Fancy. Fashion store.

3. Donostia 2001 Congress. XX Meeting of the Spanish Society of Geriatry and Gerontology.

4. KeepSki. Product image for ski and snowboard anti-theft lock.

5. Triki. Folk music record company.

6. Eguzki. Estate agency.

Other logos 2

7. Elhuyar olinpiada. Science related project competition for kids from 12-14 years old.

8. Berbagune. Monitoring center for european minority languages on the Internet.

9. Town Council of Zumaia. Redesign of the old coat of arms.

10. Gráficas Juaristi. Printing company.

11. Kalakariak. Street theatre company.

12. Kontseilua. The Council of Social Bodies in favour of the Basque Language (made up of 45 associations).

Other logos 3

13. Balneario de Panticosa. Water bottling company in the spa of Panticosa (Pyrenees).

14. Biharko. Non-profit Foundation promoting improvement in elderly dependents’ care.

15. Machintec. Machining technologies company.

16. Lezo berriro euskaldun. Campaign to promote Basque language.

17. Kautenik / Kau2. Manufacturer of rubber parts.

18SIgNO blog. Personal blog on double-edged graphic and visual puns.

Other logos 4

19. Bakun. Translation & publishing company.

20. Amara Yoga. Yoga classes & workshops.

21. Euskal Kosta Krosa. Running event along the coastal road Zumaia-Zarautz.

22. Txortena. Basque Restaurant.

22. GazteOn. Campaign to promote young participation in cooperative projects.

23Koketa. Fashion & clothing shop for women.


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