Baipasa radio program presentation

(Basque version) (Spanish version)

As a follow up of the interview held in September 2018, I have been invited to collaborate weekly in the public Basque radio to talk about typography in the afternoon show “Baipasa”. It is both an honour and a challenge to have the opportunity to talk about my passion and to spread the interest and knowlegde about type in my community.

Every Thursday around 5:15 – 5:30 PM we will discuss differents aspects of typography. We started on March 12th with a talk about Times New Roman. Three more programs have been broadcasted since then in which we discovered uses, details and anecdotes around well known typefaces: Comic Sans, Helvetica and Trajan. If you are interested and want to know how Typography sounds in Basque language check the audios below.

Audio files

2021/06/24 Road typography


2021/06/10 Car typography


2021/06/03 Default typefaces


2021/05/20 Street typography


2021/05/06 Basque calligraphers: Pedro Madariaga


2021/03/25 Women & letterpress


2021/03/11 Women & calligraphy


2021/02/25 Emojis 2


2021/02/18 Emojis 1


2021/01/28 Luxury & typography


2021/01/14 Numerals


2020/12/17 Fat faces


2020/12/03 Shady characters: @


2020/11/19 Basque calligraphers: Ioannes de Yciar


2020/11/05 Typography and elections


2020/10/22 Font detectives


2020/10/08 Basque calligraphers


2020/06/25 Uppercase & lowercase letters


2020/06/25 Calibri


2020/06/18 The keyboard


2020/06/11 Measuring letters


2020/06/04 Times vs. Arial


2020/05/28 Tifinagh


2020/05/21 Verdana


2020/05/14 Futura


2020/05/07 Basque Lettering (II)


2020/04/30 Basque Lettering (I)


2020/04/23 Blackletters


2020/04/16 Trajan


2020/04/02 Helvetica


2020/03/26 Comic Sans


2020/03/12 Times New Roman