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Karela text

Karela text* is a humanist slab serif family. Karela is also the Basque word for gunwale, this is, the widened edge at the top of the side of a boat, where the edge is reinforced with wood or other material and to which the thwarts are attached. Gunwales resemble the way slab serifs reinforce vertical stems giving a more robust appearance to the letters. The sturdy, solid and often mechanical structure that is customary in slab serif or mechanistic typefaces is softened in Karela applying subtle tweaks as humanist proportions, slightly curved endings in ascenders and curved edges in serifs. The influence of calligraphy is noticeable all over the character set, especially in counters and letters with instrokes like “m”, “n” and “r”, and it becomes explicit in the italics. On the other hand, its low contrast, generous x-height and the constant width of characters across weights makes it very covenient for editorial uses when low resolution is a concern. Karela pursues to give a human touch to a strong and highly functional structure. It seeks for the ideal combination of strength, precision and warmth of the wooden parts painstackingly handcrafted by ancient boat builders.

*Karela text is a work in progress.

Karela means the upper edge of a ship's side

William Dwight Whitney, The Century Dictionary: An Encyclopedic Lexicon of the English Language, (New York, NY: The Century Co., 1911)

Karela typeface specimen 1
Karela typeface specimen 2

Karela text

Karela text thin headline sample

Karela text thin

Karela text light headline sample

Karela text light

Karela text regular headline sample

Karela text regular

Karela text bold headline sample

Karela text bold

Karela text black headline sample

Karela text black

Karela thin text

Karela text thin | 24pt | 18pt | 14pt

Karela light text

Karela text light | 24pt | 18pt | 14pt

Karela regular text

Karela text regular | 24pt | 18pt | 14pt

Karela bold text

Karela text bold | 24pt | 18pt | 14pt

Karela black text

Karela text black | 24pt | 18pt | 14pt

Karela text

Karela Character set

From June 2017 capital letter ß is official in German. This is how it looks like in Karela.

Poster showing capital eszett in Karela typeface

Karela text is a work in progress. It will be released in 2017.



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